2/22(SAT)adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 FLAX販売方法のお知らせ





販売方法: 先着順 お一人様  各1足


(抽選参加条件)当社の公式UPTOWN Deluxe SNSアカウント「Instagram」「FACEBOOK」「Twitter」のいずれかをフォロー頂いているお客様のみ販売対象とさせて頂きます。







抽選の際、弊社スタッフが当社の公式UPTOWN Deluxe SNSアカウント「Instagram」「FACEBOOK」「Twitter」のいずれかをフォロー頂いているか確認させて頂きます。



























A lottery will be held to determine the entry order for customers ordered by the store's designated time. At the time of the lottery, we will check whether our staff are following any of our official UPTOWN Deluxe SNS accounts "Instagram", "FACEBOOK" or "Twitter". The lottery ticket has a winning ticket with numbers listed and a lost ticket with nothing listed. We apologize if you have a lost ticket, but please do not disturb the nearby stores or residents.


If you have won the winning ticket, you will enter the store in order of the number after all the drawing is over. Please follow the guidance of the staff as they will be arranged again. ※ Lottery is to determine the order of entry. Please note that even if you have a winning ticket, you may not be able to purchase your desired product or size. ※ Customers who lost the lottery ticket will be invalid. In addition, the number of the person who was not able to come by the guidance order by the person who was off the line on the way is similarly invalidated. ※ Since it will be lottery sales, please refrain from late night and early morning alignment. Also, if there is a problem with a nearby store, or if there is a problem, we may stop selling immediately. ※ I am very sorry, but I will refuse the fitting of the product. Please note.


※ Please refrain from acts such as smoking, drinking when you get in a row, as it may be a nuisance to other customers. In addition, please take your own trash when you line up. ※ We refuse the use of mobile phones and communication devices in the store. For accounting, only the person will be. Depending on the situation, there may be cases where the admission of the companion will be refused. ※ If you have any questions regarding sales, please visit each store staff.


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